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Natural raw materials yield natural products. However, there are some further differences between the products in our already very healthy and environmentally friendly product-palette.

  • There are therfore natural products that contain solvents. They have a relatively high VOC-conten (hazardous volatile organic compounds) even though they are strictly produced from natural raw materials.
  • There are also natural products that contain high amounts of mineral raw materials that are non-renewable. These are thus less sustainable than products that are produced from renewable resources.
0600 - EN

0600 PinselreinigerBrush Cleaner 0600


The environmentally freindly BIOFA Brush Cleander 0600 cleans thoroughly, ecologically and gently. The bristles become soft and supple.
Your Advantages at a Glynce:
• Product contains 96% renewable and 4 % mineral raw materials from nature
• Environmentally freindly
• Bio-degradable

• Sovent-free


Container: 1 l    ► Data Sheet

0600NT - EN


BIOFA Brush Cleaner 0600 is a natural, solvent-free and biologically degradable cleaning product that is suitable for the cleaning of paint brushes, paint rollers and other tools. It is suitable for removing all solvent-free and water-soluble natural resin-based paints, enamels, varnishes, oils and waxes from paint brushes and tools.

1405 - EN

1405, 14051-4 EUROMINEUROMIN Facade Paint 1405, 1405-4

solvent-free, white and colored

BIOFA EUROMIN Facade Paint is ideally suited for stucco, plaster, concrete limestone and similar mineral surfaces as well as old, bonded lime and silicate paint coatings.
It is highly diffusible, non-fading, UV-stable and weatherproof with a minimal soiling tendency. The organic content is less than 5%.
Caution! Do not apply EUROMIN Facade Paint 1405 on emulsion paints and hydrophobic surfaces.


Container: 10 l    Data Sheet

1405NT - EN


The BIOFA EUROMIN Facade Paint 1405 is a ready-to-use, solvent-free, UV- and weatherproof silicate-based mineral paint for house facades. It is produced from potassium silicate in accordance with DIN 18 363/2.4.1 and is applicable for various exterior mineral surfaces.


It is available in white and different colors.


2019 - EN

2019 TerrassenreinigerTerrace Cleaner 2019

The BIOFA Terrace Cleaner 2019 is a highly effective concentrated outdoor cleaner that easily and quickly removes dirt and algae from untreated or oiled wood terrace surfaces. Wooden screens, pergolas, fences or garden furniture that have been forgotten outside can be cleaned with BIOFA Terrace Cleaner. The Terrace Cleaner is also suitable for the cleaning of synthetic surfaces and outdoor fabrics (test for compatibility), as well as stone, concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, slate, roof tiles, paving stones and similar surfaces.


Container: 1 l - 5 l    Data Sheet

2019NT - EN


BIOFA Terrace Cleaner 2019 is a highly effective cleaner for untreated or oiled wooden terraces, planks, fences, garden furniture, pergolas or other exterior wooden surfaces. 


The Terrace Cleaner is odorless and free of formaldehyde and phosphates.


2049 - EN

2049 MöbelölFurniture Oil 2049

solvent-free, colorless

The Furniture Oil is ideal for absorbent wood surfaces and penetrates wood well. It revives and deepens the natural structure and hue of the treated wood. Furthermore, the naturally produced Furniture Oil allows for breathable, durable, antistatic, dirt and water repellent surfaces. The oil complies with the DIN 5316 (Sweat and Stain resistance) and the Norm EN 71, Part 3 (Safety of Children’s Toys) laws.


Container: 0,15 l - 0,375 l - 1 l - 2,5 l - 10 l    Data Sheet

2049NT - EN


The BIOFA Furniture Oil 2049 is solvent-free, clear and made from natural raw materials. It is ideally suited both for priming and final coating of raw wooden furniture or wooden surfaces in furniture and interior design, as well as the maintenance of oiled furniture and wooden surfaces.

2052 - EN

2052 ArbeitsplattenölWorktop Oil 2052

solvent-free, colorless

BIOFA Worktop Oil 2052 is produced from natural oils and resins. The oil is ideal for both basic and regular maintenance of oiled wooden work and furniture surfaces. It can also be used as the final coat for wooden surfaces. It revitalizes and deepens the natural structure and shade of the treated wood. The Worktop Oil 2025 complies with the requirements of the Food and Commodities Act and the Regulation (EG) Nr. 1935/2004 for objects with contact to food products, the EN 71, Part 3 (safety of children’s toys) and the DIN 53160 (Resistance to sweat and saliva). Furthermore, Worktop Oil was rated “very good” in dermatological tests.


Container: 0,15 l - 0,375 l - 1 l - 2,5 l - 10 l    Data Sheet

2052NT - EN


BIOFA Worktop Oil 2052 is a natural, clear, solvent-free and food safe oil with good stain resistance. The natural oil penetrates well into the wood, and creates a diffusible and antistatic, robust, breathable and water-resistant surface.


2059 - EN

2059 Parkettöl spezialParquet Oil Special 2059

solvent-free, colorless

The solvent-free BIOFA Parquet Oil Special 2059 provides long-lasting protection and results in a dirt and water repelling, robust surface on interior parquet floors, cork floors, wood floors, etc. after only 1 to a maximum of 2 coats. It revitalizes the wood’s natural characteristics and gives it a velvety gloss. The Special Parquet Oil satisfies the Parquet-Norm DIN EN 14342, as well as DIN 53160 (Resistance to sweat and saliva).


Container: 0,15 l - 0,375 l - 1 l - 2,5 l - 10 l    Data Sheet

2059NT - EN


BIOFA Parquet Oil Special 2059 is solvent-free, clear and based on natural oils and resins. The Special Parquet Oil protects highly absorbent interior surfaces of wood, parquet, cork, plywood and similar materials against wear, dirt and moisture.

2063 - EN

2063 Holz-FinishWax Balm 2063

solvent-free, semi gloss and colorless

BIOFA Wax Balm, solvent-free 2063 is produced from distilled natural oils (linseed oil, Tung oil) and waxes (beeswax, palm wax). The natural oil-wax is suitable for hard-wearing surfaces. It is porous, antistatic, and revitalizing. It forms a natural, silky-gloss finished surface and protects it from dirt and water. Generally, Wax Balm is only suited for oiled or waxed interior wood and cork surfaces. BIOFA Wax Balm is perfect as a final coat for solvent-free BIOFA-Oils, like Furniture Oil 2049, Work Surface Oil 2052, Universal Hard Primer 3754 / 3755, Special Parquet Oil 2059 and Color Oil 2110.

Do not use on the inside of furniture, because there is a risk of odors.


Container: 0,05 l - 0,25 l - 1 l    Data Sheet

2063NT - EN


BIOFA Wax Balm 2063 is a natural, solvent-free clear hard wax (oil wax). An ideal care and maintenance product for oiled or waxed wood or cork surfaces - especially for parquet and cork flooring and wood furniture. For interior use only.



2085 - EN

2085 NAPLANA PflegeemulsionNAPLANA Care Emulsion 2085

solvent-free, colorless, concentrate

The ecologically friendly revitalizing emulsion serves as both a basic care and a maintenance product. It protects and maintains oiled, lacquered, varnished or waxed floors and furniture, smooth leather, as well as other surfaces against dirt and mechanical abrasion. After a short drying period, the BIOFA NAPLANA Care Emulsion results in a semi-gloss finish without the need for polishing. The treated surfaces are revitalized, diffuxible and dirt-repellent.

However, use caution, the surface can become slippery if used too frequently and too intensively.


Container: 0,5 l - 1 l - 5 l - 20 l       Data Sheet

2085NT - EN


The BIOFA NAPLANA Care Emulsion 2085 with natural palm wax is produced from natural raw materials and is suitable for the protection and care of various floor and furniture surfaces.

2087 - EN

2087, 20871 ColorwachsColor Wax 2087, 20871

solvent-free, transparent, colorless and colored, semi gloss

The wooden surfaces treated with Color Wax are diffusible and dirt-repellent with a semi gloss finish. To increase the glossiness of the surface, Colored Wax can be manually or mechanically polished after it dries. Color Wax satisfies the Norm EN 71, Parts 3 and 9 (Safety of children’s toys), as well as the DIN 53160 (Resistance to sweat and saliva). For colored Color Wax, there are 65 color hues available. All hues can be mixed with each other. When using tinted Colored Wax, a final coat with the clear Colored Wax is recommended, as this increases durability. BIOFA Colored Wax 2087 protects against yellowing!

Do not use on the inside of furniture, because there is a risk of odors.


Container: 0,125 l - 0,375 l - 1 l - 2,5 l     Data Sheet


2087NT - EN


BIOFA Color Wax 2087 / 20871 is a solvent-free natural wax varnish, produced from renewable raw materials, without the use of harmful or irritating additives. Colored Wax is ideal for the protection and finishing of untreated interior wooden surfaces, such as ceilings, paneling, beams, shelves, furniture, picture frames, etc.



2091 - EN

2091 Holzbodenseife naturFloor Soap natural 2091

solvent-free, colorless, concentrate

BIOFA Natural Floor Soap, composed of high quality natural raw materials, is highly concentrated, and is free of solvents, phosphates and sulfates. This ecological, concentrated soap cleans, maintains and finishes wood surfaces with each use. It delays the natural darkening of the wood. The Floor Soap's natural composition allows it to be an ideal cleaning and maintenance product for well-used softwood surfaces in living and sleeping areas.


Container: 1 l - 5 l     Data Sheet

2091NT - EN


BIOFA Floor Soap natural is a natural, ecologically biodegradable product. It is appropriate for the initial treatment and priming, as well as for cleaning, maintaining and finishing of soaped, leached and oiled softwood floors, parquet floors, furniture, doors, wall paneling, wood ceilings, interior constructions, etc.

2110-2111 - EN

2110, 2111 ColorölColor Oil 2110

solvent-free, transparent, colored

BIOFA Color Oil is produced from natural, renewable raw materials. It penetrates well into surfaces, revives and deepens the natural structure of the treated surfaces and results in a robust, abrasion resistant, silky-gloss finish and diffusible surface. Color Oil can be mixed with all the colors in the BIOFA spectrum for transparent products. After a surface has been primed with Color Oil, BIOFA Universal Hard Oil 2044 matt or Hard Wax-Oil 2055 silky-matt can be used for the final coat. BIOFA Color Oil is also suitable for wooden toys, as it satisfies both the DIN 53 160 (Resistance to sweat and saliva), and the Norm for Toy Surfaces EN 73 Part 3.


Container: 0,375 l - 1 l - 2,5 l - 10 l     Data Sheet

2110-2111NT - EN


BIOFA Color Oil 2110 is a natural, colored oil-wax mixture, suitable as a primer for absorbent interior surfaces, wood, furniture and parquet surfaces, as well as cork, floor tiles, and plywood.


Do not use on the inside of furniture, because there is a risk of odors.

3011, 30111-4 - EN

3011, 30111-4 PRIMASOL seidenmattPRIMASOL Wall Paint 3011, 30111-4
semi-mat 3011 white, 30111-4 colored

BIOFA PRIMASOL Wallpaint is suitable for walls as well as for ceilings. The coating is semi-mat, high-covering, fast-drying, diffusible, breathable and wash- and abrasion-resistant according to DIN EN 13300 class 2, contrast ratio / hiding power class 1 at 7m² / l. The white PRIMASOL wall paint can be tinted with the color pigments 1301-1317 or also ex works to NCS, thereby creating desired colors or modern trend colors. Furthermore, PRIMASOL wall paint is also very useful as a base coat for glaze painting with BIOFA wall glazes.


Container: 1 l - 4 l - 10 l  Data Sheet

3011, 30111-4NT - EN


BIOFA PRIMASOL Wall Paint 3011, 30111-4 is a solvent-free, water-dilutable natural paint based on potato starch. This ecological wall paint is suitable for structurally stable interior surfaces, such as plaster, concrete, aerated concrete, plasterboard, cellulose fiber boards, and woodchip wallpapers. It can be painted on old, clean and stable emulsion paint.

3753, 37531 - EN

3753, 37531 TerrassenoelDecking Oil 3753, 37531

semi gloss, colorless and colored, transparent

The high-grade BIOFA Decking Oil 3753 colorless or 37531 colored is produced from natural raw materials including Tung oil, castor oil and tree resins. The wood protecting oil is best suitable for impregnating and protecting new, untreated exterior wood against humidity and other weathering effects. The natural wood protecting product is easy to use. Terrace Oil is also useful in the revitalization of older and previously oiled wooden surfaces.


Container: 0,125 l - 1 l - 2,5 l - 10 l     Data Sheet

3753, 37531NT - EN


BIOFA Decking Oil 3753 is a high quality, natural and impregnating care oil for wooden terraces, stairways or decks of oak, larch, Douglas fir, robinia, teak, bangkirai and heat-treated timber. Decking Oil is available as a clear or colored oil varnish.

3755 - EN

3755 Universal Hartgrund loesemittelfreiUniversal Wood Primer solvent-free  3755


BIOFA Universal Wood Primer is a solvent-free oil produced from natural raw materials.
The oil saturates, reinforces and equalizes highly and irregularly absorbent surfaces. Its natural composition allows it to revitalize and deepen the natural structure and tone of the treated surface and results in a porous and water repellent surface. Universal Wood Primer is very appropriate for absorbent wood types, such as walnut, beech or softwood prior to treatment with BIOFA Universal Hard Oil 2044, Hard Wax 2060, Universal Varnish 2050/2051 or Stone Oil 2100.


Container: 1 l - 2,5 l - 10 l     ► Data Sheet

3755NT - EN


BIOFA Universal Wood Primer 3755 is a clear, solvent-free, natural oil for priming wood and cork floors, stairs, furniture, interior fixtures and for mineral surfaces, such as Cotto tiles and highly absorbent grouted stone tiles in interior areas.


Do not use on the inside of furniture, because there is a risk of odors.

4030 - EN

4030 Wachspflege SprayWax Care Spray 4030

solvent-free, semi-gloss

The ready-to-use BIOFA Wax Care Spray 4030 is made from natural raw materials and is suitable for both basic care and maintenance of various floors, furniture and other smooth surfaces. It maintains and protects the material surfaces against dirt and mechanical wear/ abrasion. Treatment with Wax Maintenance Spray produces, after a short drying period, a silky-gloss finish, diffusible and dirt-repelling surface.


Container: 1 l     ► Data Sheet

4030NT - EN


BIOFA’s ecologically friendly Wax Maintenance Spray 4030 is ideal for the protection, care and revitalization of oiled, waxed and enameled wood and cork floors, limed wooden surfaces, linoleum, vinyl and laminated floors, stone floors, furniture surfaces and smooth leather.

5005 - EN

5005 Innengrundierung Interior Primer 5005

solvent-free, colorless

The BIOFA Interior Primer, based on shellac, saturates the wood, creates evenly absorbent surfaces and is ideal as a pretreatment for highly absorbent or tannic and tropical woods – before they are treated with BIOFA Water Varnishes 5101, 5161-5185 and 5175. This solvent-free natural Interior Primer is also suitable as a final coat for interior cabinet sidings and drawers, since the product is completely odor-neutral and dries quickly.


Container: 0,375 l - 1 l      ► Data Sheet

5005NT - EN


The BIOFA Interior Primer 5005 is produced from natural raw materials on the basis of shellac. It is clear, solvent-free, water-soluble and fast drying. It is for interior wooden furniture, interior construction and the interior of cabinet sidings.

5111, 5102 - EN

5111, 5101 AQUALUX Bung- und DecklackAQUALUX Plus Enamel Paint
5114, 5115
semi mat, 5117, 5117 semi gloss

white and colored, solvent-free

AQUALUX Plus is a water-diffusible, silk gloss finish, dirt and water repelling oil varnish made from natural raw materials. The ecologically sound wood varnish has excellent adhesion and a high opaqueness. With unique color compositions, we can offer you the solvent-free Varnish in colors from RAL spectrum and other color systems. For highly absorbent woods, we recommend a primer coat with BIOFA Undercoat 1210. After a pretreatment with commercial, appropriate anti-rust product, AQUALUX Plus Varnish is also suitable for metal surfaces, heaters and heating pipes. AQUALUX Plus satisfies the Norm EN 71 Part 3 (Safety of children’s toys), the DIN 53160 (Resistance to sweat and saliva), as well as the DIN ISO 16000-6 (Emissions).


Container: weiß: 0,375 l - 1 l - 2,5 l - 5 l    Gebinde: farbig: 1 l - 2,5 l       ► Merkblatt

5111, 5102NT - EN


BIOFA AQUALUX Plus Enamel Paint is a white / colored natural oil enamel, in a water base. It is very opaque with a semi matt/semi gloss finish, dirt and water repellent and suitable for all interior wood surfaces, such as windows, doors, interior structures, railings, furniture, children’s toys, etc..

5112, 5104 - EN

5122, 5123 AQUADUR PlusAQUADUR Plus Enamel Paint
5122, 5123

solvent-free, white and colored, glossy

AQUADUR Plus, produced from natural oils and resins, is weather-resistant, dirt and water repellent, glossy, very opaque and adhesive, and is very robust after drying. The treated surface remains permanently elastic, breathable and dust-free due to the anti-static effect of the natural oil enamel. The Enamel Paint offers an ideal ecologically friendly wood protection for untreated external wood and wooden components, such as wooden facades, cladding, garage doors, windows, doors, railings, garden furniture, garden benches, children’s toys, etc. BIOFA AQUADUR Plus can also be used on pretreated (with a suitable rust inhibitor) metal surfaces. AQUADUR Plus 5122 / 5123 conforms to the Toy Norm EN 71 Part 3, as well as the DIN 53160 Resistance to Sweat and Saliva.


Container: 1 l - 2,5 l      ► Data Sheet

5112, 5104NT - EN


BIOFA AQUADUR Plus 5123 colored / 5122 white is a natural, water-based, solvent-free oil enamel for the exterior. Highly opaque, adhesive and permanently elastic, this product is well suited for windows, doors, garage doors, wooden facades, children’s toys, etc.

5175, 5101 Top-Produkt - EN

5175, 5101 Holzlasur loesemittelfreiWood Varnish 5101

solvent-free, colored (exept 5101 77 white), semi gloss

The colored BIOFA Wood Varnishes are produced from natural raw materials and are very appropriate for hard and softwoods, such as windows, doors, wooden facades and fixtures, etc. Coating freshly sawn lumber with Wood Varnish results in a higher color intensity. BIOFA Wood Varnish satisfies the Toys-norm EN 71 Part 3, as well as the DIN 53 160 Saliva and Sweat Resistant. It has been successfully tested in accordance with EN 927-3 (Outdoor Weathering Test) by the Rosenheim Institute for Technology.


Container: 0,375 - 1 l - 2,5 l - 10 l     ► Data Sheet

5175, 5101 Nebentext Top-Produkt - EN


BIOFA ‘s high quality natural Wood Varnish, contains plant-based oils and mineral-based protection against UV rays. It is  solvent-free and water-soluble. The Oil-Varnish penetrates wooden surfaces well, results in water-resistant and repellent, silky-gloss finish surfaces that are porous and breathable.

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